5 places to find design inspiration for your Agency/Freelance website.

Pain is staring at a blank canvas, with an idea in your head - but you're not quite sure on what sections to have. Fonts, colours, copy etc.

'How do I best showcase my work?'

In fact, it's something I'm going through right now with both my agency site & blog site (I'm sure you can tell).

There's no hard answer to this one. A good suggestion is always to look for design inspiration. I've complied a list of 5 sites that curate designs. This is a good place to reference and begin searching for inspiration.

First off - How do I use these sites?

It's great to browse these sites — but by just browsing you'll be back at square one, maybe even back a step.

I'd recommend taking a look at these sites and visiting websites that catch your eye or as you see suitable.

Once visited, figure out what you like about the website. Take some screenshots of sections, note down a font you like.

Then - use a tool like Invision to sort these out. Dump all the screenshots into Invision and add the URL for future reference.

Now, you're able to browse through your personal curation of web design inspiration. When it comes to making a decision on.. say CTA design, you can browse through and catch some inspiration from others.

1) siteInspire

This is a great place to find carefully curated website designs. There's some good stuff here & you're able to sort. In this case, head to the nav and filter down to agency sites. (Types → Agency or Consultancy).

2) Lapaninja

Landing page ninja. A good spot to browse landing page designs. Again, here you can sort/filter by agency (Inspiration → Agency).

3) Awwwards

This a decent place to have a look at some websites and they also allow you to search. One thing I'd mention is that some of these designs can be a bit far-fetched - maybe not the best from a UX point of view. Good to look at none the less.

4) Behance & Dribbble

These are less created - but you'll find good stuff if you search.

Unlike the first couple, Behance & Dribbble are more of a free for all in terms of designs onto the platform. Definitely worth a look though.

5) Webflow ShowcaseFlowbase

Webflow have an official showcase - but there are alternatives that are somewhat more curated and allow searching. I can recommend Flowbase for this.

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