Where can I find inspiration for blog design?

Worth mentioning: This blog is a temporary design. I for one will gladly follow this advice.

I’d head over to your favourite blogs and take a look at what they’re using. By this, I mean how are their pages laid out?

Fonts, spacing, headings, colours etc.

Important to look at it all.

After this, you’re in a decent spot to start drawing inspirations from the pool you’ve looked at.

Do you like the font on example.com? Use Font ninja (chrome extension) or inspect element to take a look. Same for other elements.

When someones reading a blog, they want the information. Not a new ‘digital experience’. Best to keep it simple and look at what’s working now.

Jeremy Thomas’ web design in 4 minutes is a great resource to make sure you’re not missing out on any easy wins.

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