Timely - Time keeping app review

Tracking time is a big part of any freelance work. Especially if you're working on a number of multiple projects.

When you're working at an hourly rate, you want to make sure that time spent on the project is accurate and represents the work you've been doing.

I recently watched a video singing praises for an app called Timely.

Timely logo

The value proposition seemed great.

Problem they're out to solve: Time keeping apps requiring manual activation.

Timely: Click and forget timekeeping. By having Timely running in the background, the app would automatically log what you're doing based on the windows you have open.

At the end of the day or week, you go back and can look at what windows you had open, at what time and for how long - and this makes it easy to calculate the compiled time over said week. You assign each slot of time to a project which allows for easy time tracking.

Supposedly there's also an AI feature that learns what windows respond to which project & then it can automatically log the project for you. I didn't try this.

I'll keep this short. Timely (unfortunately) didn't work as I had hoped.

The simple functionality of tracking what windows where open and when did not work. I'd take a look at the word I'd done in a certain window, and it wouldn't be there - or it wasn't accurate on the times I was working on it.

For this core functionality not to work it by definition makes Timely a low quality product - with high potential. And by low quality, I don't mean a bad product - but it lacks the basic functionality & accuracy needed to a freelancer or agency tracking time in order to bill a client.

I may or may not continue to give it some time. But for now I'm happy to manually track using another time tracking app that requires a button press to start and stop timings.

Now, these are just my opinions & it may work a lot better for you. I encourage you to try it. By the time you're reading this accuracy of the app may have improved a lot.

Good idea - just needs work.

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