Find UX breaking flows for $0 using internal testing

‘How do you know if users are struggling at parts of your product?’

Sometimes UX issues can linger for months without anyone realising.

But, user testing is like meditation. Everyone says you should do it but most people go without.

Recruiting, setting up calls, no shows, payment - the list goes on. What if there was a way you could get feedback on core flows, scheduled within hours, that don’t cost you a penny.

The internal user test

Reach into your own company/team and do some over the shoulder testing.

There’s many people who you work with who probably haven’t gone through the flow you want to test - or maybe that they haven’t done it in a long time.

So shoot them a slack message or email:

‘Hey Thomas, wanted to get your feedback on a new flow we’ve been working on. Can I slot 15 mins in your cal this week?’

When you’re on the call, ping them the link to the flow, ask them to run through it and share their thoughts openly as you go.

3-5 of these should give you a good bunch of insights.

And there you have it, easy, quick and low cost user testing. You can always buy them a beer next time you see them 🍺

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