Launching a side project (

I recently launched a side project that’s been on the back burner for 6 months.

Here’s the short story.


I follow Andrew Huberman (big up) and he talks a lot about this meditative like practice called NSDR. NSDR is a bit like meditation - helps relax and focus etc. Huberman coined the term and included a few different things under it. Here you can see Lex Friedman and Huberman chatting about it:

As I frequently do, I punch this term into Ahrefs and see a nice search volume spike for the term:

Huberman has millions of listeners and promotes NSDR a lot. There’s a lot of people searching for this and the Youtube vids on the topic have snowballed quite a few views.

The tipping point is where I saw this crispy 4 letter domain. I figured it would be a nice project for a super uncompetitive keyword with growing traffic. Let’s go!

So I started chipping away at building - super slowly.

Slapping up the SEO content

One of the best things I did here was slap up a bunch of frankly, really mvp content. Draft notes that I took from interviews/podcasts on NSDR. I put up an mvp track and let it sit to marinade.

It was cool to see impressions roll in straight away, and a few clicks every now and then. I’m entering the game. Months go by and it slowly slowly, slowly grows. This gives me a bit more motivation to keep making it slightly better at a time.

It’s still super early days. I’m getting 15-30 users per day but still sitting quite low down in the search results for nsdr.

I think this could get to the point of 100+ users per day. At this point it opens up some options: develop some more content, sign up users, paid subscription maybe.

It’s been fun to whip something small like this and see it grow. It’s a super small low comp keyword. Being within the healthspace makes it tough, as does the fact that the content itself is super low barrier to entry. There’s even a sub niche of make money online guys promoting how to make money on youtube with meditation videos. Maybe I’m just another one of them, with a slightly better angle 😅

It’s only been 6 months, and things are still on the up - so let’s keep it going. I like to call it a set and forget project. In the SEO game you’ve really got to be patient, so something low stakes like this is pretty fun to check in on and see how it’s doing.

Building up the search profile of the site will help it compete in the first few results of google. Let’s see what we can do in the next 6 months with it.


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