Outsourcing competitor research using chatGPT

‘As we don’t have capacity to do it ourselves, I’m looking for a bried company to analyze our main competitors in terms of value prop and pricing etc’ - /u/mootgrum on Reddit suggested a way to splice this up using ChatGPT.

Here’s how I’d go about it for VEED:

1) Use knowledge to make a list of competitors, or better yet ask GPT:

Yes, it’s a shame we haven’t made it onto this list. I wonder why?

2) Let GPT do the heavy lifting:


Create a competitor research table in markdown, for each company listed above.Here are the points to include:

  • Value proposition
  • Top features
  • Pricing
  • Financial performance if possible
  • List of other features
  • What's bad about them
  • How a competitor could gain an advantage over them


Okay, so this is by no means a comprehensive competitive breakdown. But in 5 minutes, it can give a solid starting point.

I think asking for some of the core feature sets allows a glance of the things they push the most around their website, socials etc. I must say though, GPT could use some work on its recommendations!

I’ve got my post on GPT: 21+ ways to use chatGPT as a product manager. I must say I haven’t been leveraging it much now the hype has blown over slightly. Maybe I’ll drop some more posts like this digging into one specific use case - any maybe trying to get the best results as opposed to 1st pass.


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