Should Product managers be expected to run a side hustle?

Engineers show proficiency from projects, designers from portfolios. What about PMs?

'Is the equivalent owning/running some type of business? I’ve been asked what I’ve built my own interviews’ - Reddit

The general consensus from this reddit thread: no. No they shouldn’t be expected:

‘any org that judges my abilities based on how willing I am to do work outside of my day job is an org I don’t want to work for’

‘If I loved building my own business so much, why’d I be interviewing with you?’

Not expected, but it will elevate you massively

From my perspective, joining VEED at 20 people and watching it grow to near 200 now, someone who can leap into being a generalist and problem solve when needed is valuable. Running something by yourself demonstrates this.

I interviewed maybe 50 senior growth product managers when we were building out the growth team. The bar was not high. If someone had told me about something they’re working on, or even just thinking about working on - this is a good signal.

Maybe this is just for an earlier stage startup. There’s also bias as quite a few people at VEED are working on side projects and we hire people (myself included) from Indiebeers, a bootstrap startup community in London.

All in all, for our company that is a super strong signal. I don’t think it’s expected by any means, but I’d suggest strongly welcomed.

You can find my comment nestled right at the bottom of the thread:

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